chove (it rains)


Moments of rain revolve our memories, our stories, bring childhood memories, the comfort of our beds, the drops pounding on the window, on the roof, its hissing outside; moments of joy and sadness; of pleasure and melancholy. Rain invites to introspection. To ecstasy.


It can be gentle and quiet as a whisper, or heavy, evident and frightening, like a scream. It comes, bringing relief, fear, or stress within it. It soaks. It runs. It floods. It fecundates. It refreshes. It cleans. It destroys. It goes and carries. It takes. It leaves its scent, tits reflection of the sky in water puddles. The stains on the walls. The cold in the body. The freshness of a renewed air. Some gratitude. Some pain.


It's a moving landscape, in constant transformation. The opposite of the urban landscape, occupying all of its empty spaces in an incessant fall. It covers the city with a veil, and turns to hazy all things that once were crisp, dissolving their contours. The rain brings the signs of the night to the day, the darkness, the lights turned on. It's inaccurate. Incomplete. It's fleeting. It's ending. it's a new beginning. The rain tastes like heaven.


“Chove” (It’s Raining) is an authorial project by Henrique Martins. A book of rain, the transposition of rainy days, of how they awaken our senses, to a graphical language, in its rawest form, as a visual narrative.

The rain is its content, its theme, what it expresses and the guide line to its visual compositions. It’s the structure that defines every single image in the book. The intensity of rain, the strength found within each of its elements, tangible or intangible – wind, touch, light, sound, memory – are the references for the construction of form, in exercises of rhythm, length, balance and harmony. These elements are associated to graphical signs to create a new code: a partitur of rain. The signs that define this score are combined, as equivalents to letters, words and phrases, forming abstract, sensorial, landscapes of rain, arranged to compose a narrative.

The intention is to explore this ludic activity of associating what you see and what you feel to images, making use of a language capable of wide and immediate communication. An exercise that finds in this theme, the rain, a unifying event, common to everyone, which could increase the scope and the possibilities of its message being understood.


The result of this project is a book in two volumes: “Narrative” is essentially graphic and tells stories of rain in a rather synthetic language. The elements of the code created are shown one by one, being initially arranged in simple compositions, allowing the reader to identify the meaning of each one of them, and to understand the relations established at later moments in the narrative, with increasingly more complex compositions.


The second volume, “Processes”, the “grey book”, presents the conceptual development of this work. This book brings studies, notes, references, concepts, and methods used in the project. Both books have their spines – their sections and threads – exposed, which allow their pages to be fully opened. This strategy made possible, as well, to recognise the changing of light through the narrative, even when the books are closed.

“Chove” was released on October 8th of 2015, at Museu da Gravura (The Print Museum), in the city of Curitiba, Brazil. The event served also as an opening for the exhibition of some images from the book, telling a part of this story of rain. You can get your copy here:

Chove (It Rains)

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author: Henrique Martins
visual project: Henrique Martins / Lacuna – design and visual arts
publisher: Medusa
theme: Visual arts and design
language: portuguese
edition: 1st
release date: 2015
ISBN: 9788564029170
dimensions: 8 x 10 x 1 inches
pages: 224
weight: 2,60 pounds

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Henrique Martins was born in March 1980, in Curitiba, south Brazil. He’s graduated in architecture, and has a master degree in graphic design.

Henrique is the leading man of Lacuna, creative studio that develops visual projects, with different scales and on different platforms, focused on the cultural field, in partnership with different groups and professionals. In his work, he searches for the possible dialogues between design and visual arts, making use of its methods and tools to build ideas, either through an image, a brand, a film, a website, an object, a place, or a book, such as this one. The urge is to communicate.

The book – as a support for ideas, its variations and its many possibilities – is one of his passions, and has been the preferred support of his work, and the main subject of his research in visual arts. Other obsessions include design, rain, codes and languages, smells, tastes, silences, cities and the particular universes of everyone and every moment.

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concept, images and design
Henrique Martins
Lacuna – design e artes visuais

Analu Farhat
Henrique Martins
Rafael Bertelli

executive production
Ana Rocha | Art Projects

publishing house
Editora Medusa

This project was conducted with support from the Program for Support and Promotion of Culture – Fundação Cultural de Curitiba and Prefeitura Municipal de Curitiba.